Our Mission

"Sharing Knowledge to Empower"

Kool Guyz seeks to provide opportunities to young adults for expanding their cultural, professional, legal, and financial horizons. We work directly with our members to provide the knowledge of life lessons, without having to go through those lessons the hard way.


  1. Cultural
    • We offer travel opportunities to experience other parts of this great nation.
  2. Professional
    • We provide a variety of workshops in which our members learn how to accomplish their professional aspirations. 
  3. Legal
    • A better understanding of laws will help our members avoid difficult situations as they arise in adulthood.
  4. Financial
    • Kool Guyz strive to provide our members a better understanding of financial independence.

Kool Guyz hopes to provide an opportunity for young adults to learn life lessons an easier way, not the hard way.
— Terence Nagy, President of Kool Guyz, Inc.